Don Bradman Cricket 17

Don Bradman Cricket 17Hello and welcome to this blog. Today I’m going to talk about a brand new game (At the time I’m writing this) Don Bradman Cricket 17. I’ve already done a review on Don Bradman cricket14, so press on the Link to read down below to read it. Also, this list will be on bullet points so it’s easier to read I hope you enjoy!

Career Mode

Career mode is a very popular mode, the basic goal is to create your player, build up his skills and get to the international level. It’s very similar to last game’s career mode but before you get to county cricket you play club cricket as if you were at your local club.  Your player is very low as you start off though but of course as you play you level up your player’s skills. One thing I noticed is that it’s very easy to get points to level up your player than last game but it gets way harder as your player gets more skilled.

How to get all the Copyrighted kits, etc.

Now lots of people go on this game and they realize that Joe Root etc. is called something like ‘John Rat’ and the kits are not official. Well no need to worry because all you have to do is go to ‘Don Bradman Academy and download the actual copyrighted names kits, etc. If you want a video on this just search ‘How to get real kits and players in Don Bradman Cricket 17’ and there will be a few videos.

Tour Mode

This mode is like you would probably guess it is. You can play test series like the Ashes, T20 World Cup and lots of others you can even make a custom one for example test series England vs a non test team. I like simulating all the games until the final and watching the trophy celebration. 🏏🏆

Don Bradman academy

I talked about this on how to get the copyrighted kits and players BUT! You can make kits and players yourself on their too. Since it’s barely been out at the time of writing this there are smaller county leagues that don’t even have downloads yet. Could you be the one to put hours of effort in to give us the kits for them?

Messed up Graphics?

LOTS of people are actually saying are the graphics worse than the one made about 4 years ago? And I would say “No” But I think the lighting is messed up and they should do a graphical update like they did in their last game.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it! Also here is the link.