The most embarrassing things in Cricket

embarassing cricketFrom being hit for six sixes to being out for a diamond duck, here are the most EMBARRASSING things that can happen to a cricketer!

Hit Wicket

You can’t really get more embarrassing than this, falling on your own stumps it’s like gifting the bowler a Christmas present! For example, watch this wicket from Monty Panesar to Inzamam-ul-haq.

Hit for six sixes

It doesn’t get much worse than this for a bowler. Thankfully it didn’t quite happen to Ben Stokes in the 2016 T20 World final, however it happened to Stuart Broad when he was bowling to Yuvraj Singh in the 2007 T20 World Cup. I think even the Aussies would have felt sorry for him at that moment!

Clean Bowled

The most famous type of wicket, Clean Bowled or most people just say “Bowled” is one of the most embarrassing ways to get out especially if it’s middle stump. I can tell you from my experience as a bowler that it doesn’t get much better than getting a batsman out clean bowled! Watch this lovely toe-crushing Yorker from Anderson.

Out on a Hat-trick ball

Now, we all know when we are batting it is NEVER good to get out but it’s even worse when you’re the batsman who’s out on the hat-trick ball you can see the whole team celebrating and the bowlers annoying smile and you say to yourself “Why didn’t I just block it?” Watch this hat-trick from Moeen Ali.

Out on a diamond duck or a first ball Duck

There are a few types of ducks, the most common one a duck with a few balls faced but it gets even worse batsmen! A first ball duck is even worse, you’ve been waiting all day to play a game of cricket, you take your guard, you plan your innings but the bowler bowls an unplayable Yorker and you’re clean bowled first ball! But the worst of them all drum roll please……. DIAMOND DUCK It dosen’t get worse than a diamond duck, getting ran out or being out from a wide stumping without even facing a ball.

Sledging the bowler and then getting out next ball

This is probably the worst thing on this list. Let’s make an example: You’re playing a match and you say to the bowler “Ha mate, don’t bowl it there again” or “That ball was as slow as a slug” and next ball you try to smack him for six and you’re caught behind trying to wallop the bowler!

Bowling lots of No Balls and Wides in a single over

This has happened to me before, especially when you try to bowl it too quick and it goes very wide and it goes for 4 byes or you overstep and you get hit for a boundary. Your face goes red and you can see everyone thinking “God, this guy can’t bowl!” Watch this  awful over from Curtly Ambrose.

Thanks for reading this post! There will be a lot more in the future and try not to replicate what is on this list!

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