How To Prevent The Demise of First Class Cricket

Test Match Players
Welcome to this article on the ways that we could prevent the demise of First Class cricket. This list is in no particular order!

1: Encourage Asia: Countries such as India and Pakistan don’t really seem to care about Test cricket anymore. If we could somehow encourage them to stop watching the IPL and T20’s then maybye it would become popular again.

2: Less days: In the English county system, All First Class games are four days. Considering that people seem to be obsessed with the shorter forms of the game, we could reduce the length from 5 days to 4 days. Most matches don’t last 5 days anyway so it probably would not make too much of a difference and would encourage more risky shots.

3: More Day Night games: The Pink Ball games were somewhat successful. Since most people have a job, people could come after work and watch the last few hours of the test match like they have done before!

4: Cancel the new T20 Competition: Now, I’m sure most would disagree but cancelling the new Competition might just save the red ball game. It might increase overall popularity with the new T20 League but it also might be the thing which kills the First Class game off.

5: No more BT or Sky: Everyone remembers the 2005 Ashes right? Do you know why? Not just because it was in the history books and we beat Australia for the first time in ages, but also because it was it was free to watch! If we can broadcast First Class games on ITV or BBC for people to watch for free it could massively increase the popularity of the game.

6: The New Test Championship: Fairly recently the ICC announced there would be a Test Championship consisting of 9 teams. If this works out successfully this could be just what we need to increase the popularity of Test Cricket and we could even add Zimbabwe, Ireland and Afghanistan if it works out.

7: New County System in England: Since the County System we have got now seems to be dull and pretty boring. We should just… Make a new one! Instead of boring old counties like Lancashire or Middlesex, we could take a note out of the T20 competition and put the teams where most people live such as Manchester or London.

8: Ban Overseas players: This might sound over the top but it could really help English players develop their game to a whole new level. All the extra spots taken by overseas players might have been a future England player’s spot. This also includes ODI And T20 overseas players as helping people from all forms of the game develop will help the First Class game overall.

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