Top Reasons Why England lost the Ashes

joe root ashesHello readers. This is a list of the top reasons why England lost the Ashes:

1: Away Disadvantage: Everyone knows winning the Ashes away is very difficult. Despite this fact, there is no excuse for losing 4-0. We have won in Australia before, just not very often. A recent exception was the 2010/2011 Ashes.

2: Media Pressure: The Australian media makes up stories to make us look bad or at least over exaggerates it. We do it ourselves but the Aussies do take it to the extreme!

3: Lack of pace bowlers: England might have some very talented bowlers but the one and possibly most important thing we need are fast bowlers. Jimmy Anderson is a medium pace bowler, as is Stuart Broad, but most of Australia’s star bowlers like Starc mainly relied on their pace to get the batsman out. The Australian pitches favour quick bowlers more than the English pitches, so this was a huge reason we didn’t do so well in the series!

4: New Players: Most of the players who where new in the team (apart from Malan) didn’t do so well. We should have stuck with players we know or those who have already been in the team. Even Vince didn’t do badly and he used to be in the team a short while ago. People like Finn might have really helped us instead of letting someone like Curran bowl.

 5: Joe Root: Joe Root was captaining well for England until the Ashes. There is a very good chance that Root wasn’t ready for all the pressure of captaining in the Ashes and we could have been better off by just sticking with Cook since his experience is a lot greater than Root’s.

 6: Our own fans: It always seems like the English supporters actually do the opposite of helping their own team, including football and other sports. Before the Ashes I heard most England supporters doubting us and saying that we would lose the series. And when we are not doing so well, everyone acts like a little baby because they keep moaning all the time about the “awful selection” or “Alastair Cook needs to retire”. I don’t think this behaviour will help the players so much.

7: Bad First Class county players: All the focus on the T20’s and ODI’s is making the First Class players worse and worse. For example, people like Alex Hales who are now just focusing on the short form of the game are making bad examples and other players might copy him! Same with Adil Rashid too and he was a fantastic First Class player!

8: Steve Smith: Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Steve Smith is one of the greatest batsman of recent times and all his stats just show it. This Ashes he averaged a staggering 137.40 with the bat which is way better than Don Bradman’s career average of 99.94 and he was not only great with the bat but was a fantastic captain for Australia. He could be the main reason why the Aussies won the series.

9: Leg Spinners: All the commentators say that you need a good Leg Spinner on the Australian pitches, yet we have a lack of them in our County System. We ended up selecting Mason Crane who had an awful series. In First Class, he averages 46.84 with the ball with a very high Strike Rate of 72.2. And in his only test match he averaged 193.00 which is awful and shows that stats don’t lie!

10: Ben Stokes: In my opinion this is one of, if not the biggest reason that we had such a bad Ashes. Not only is Ben Stokes a brilliant player and bowls, bats, and fields very well but also the chemistry that he had with his teammates might have been key! I cannot say for sure if he was popular with the teammates, but he might have been very popular and without him the chemistry, everything went downhill.

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